Personal Skincare

Is your skin feeling dry and dull? Is the change of seasons causing breakouts or dryness? Is your skin changing with age and you're not sure where to turn? Quit wasting money on drug store skincare products with ineffective ingredients!  I use professional products that focus on getting results and contain higher amounts of active ingredients, (so you use less). Let me help find what works best for you!

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Treatments that can be added to any facial for an even more custom, relaxing experience. (Must be added to a facial, not available for individual purchase).

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CryoClear Treatments

Effective yet gentle, cryotherapy solution is for age spots and skin tags. CryoClear works by spraying Carbon Dioxide onto the skin, which freezes superficially, treating only the epidermal layers. CryoClear is less aggressive than other methods of cryotherapy. Your treated area will turn darker and remain dark for about 10 days when your body will "slough" off the dead skin. Then you'll see pink, healthy tissue which will return to your normal skin color in a few weeks.

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Need your brows cleaned up or shaped? Have a few annoying hairs on your chin or upper lip? Waxing is the way to go! Quick and easy, you'll look put together and feel nice and smooth.

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Body Scrub

Spend an afternoon away from worry and stress! Try an exfoliating body scrub! Exfoliate, smooth and brighten your skin with macadamia nut based scrub, oil and lotion. You deserve it!

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Are you the one...

Are you the one who is always taking care of others? Are you a chef, taxi driver, nurse and therapist all rolled up in to one? If so, I think it's time you take care of yourself. Better yet, let me do it! Spend some time relaxing and indulging, and you'll feel refreshed and ready to handle whatever comes next.

Remember, you can't pour from an empty cup.


Time to Relax!

Welcome to Fresh Complexions!

I only carry products I absolutely LOVE and believe in! Bioline Jatò is an Italian research and beauty company, that has been on the leading edge of skincare for over 30 years. Their products are clean and cruelty free. And they really work! Bioline understands that we all have unique skin needs, based on everything from the environment and aging, to time of the year. Let me help you find what works best for your skin!