This is me.

My favorite things are spending time with family, going to the beach, (any beach), movies, dogs and cats and babies. I like helping people with their skin issues, it's so rewarding to see people make positive changes in their skin care routines and get results. When I was growing up, I was so confused about which products were good for me, I had a closet full of things I'd try that would never work. To be honest, before I became an aesthetician, I didn't even know my skin type! I had a lady at a cosmetic counter tell me I had oily skin a few years ago, so I was constantly buying products I thought would help me with my oily skin. Turns out, I don't have oily skin. And I don't waste my money on products that don't work for me anymore!

I do admit, I am constantly trying new products and techniques... I enjoy finding products I love and sharing them with others who might benefit.


In a nutshell

After a career in graphic design, and raising my children, I felt a need to try something new. I've always loved "spa" type things... facials, makeup, body scrubs. And I enjoy taking care of people. I looked into becoming an aesthetician, and found it encompasses a lot of what I love. If I can help someone feel better about themselves and their skin, then I've done something I can feel pretty good about.

I'm excited to be located inside of Dazzling Digit's beautiful location on Main Street in downtown Blue Mounds, Wisconsin. If you haven't been there, you should make an appointment with Shanna, Cheyenne or Amy. They do some beautiful work! Call 608-576-3429 to schedule an appointment!